In the Cibao region, in the northern part of the Dominican Republic, where tobacco cultivation dates back more than a hundred years, we produce our exquisite hookah tobacco "Dreamland Tobacco." Here, on the green hills of the Cibao Valley, we live and breathe tobacco cultivation every single day.

We are the first manufacturer of hookah tobacco in the Dominican Republic and all of the Caribbean in general. Our “Dreamland-Tobacco” combines extremely mild and light Virginia tobacco with selected flavors that often come directly from the Dominican Republic.

Our tobacco is intended to instill in the consumer the easy-going Caribbean attitude toward life. The joy of life should be felt immediately with any of our tobaccos. Our tobacco is of premium quality, hand-picked and the result of years of research and development.

We are a product of the Caribbean, which is why our 15 tobaccos are named after various Caribbean islands. Whether Aruba, Jamaica or Costa Rica – the taste of our tobacco is an expression of each individual Caribbean island and its unique vegetation and flair.

Let our tobaccos enchant you!